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Why should you choose WikiJunction first?

Why should you choose WikiJunction first? Because we put our hearts into giving you the most accurate guides on the Internet. Most publishers have just one lonely author. In contrast, the average WikiJunction article is edited by 15 people and reviewed by 9 people.

We don’t stop there. We constantly improve what you see on WikiJunction. We read the feedback readers leave on each article. If an article is perfect but incomprehensible, we rewrite it. If our illustrations don’t simplify the complex, we rewrite them. In fact the average WikiJunction article gets changed 9 times per year. Even after readers shower an article with love, we find ways to make it even better and better. We never stop. So you see, WikiJunction isn’t just the work of one person. It’s the combined effort of many.

What are WikiJunction’s  values?

WikiJunction’s core mission is to empower every person on the planet to learn how to do anything.

We strive to ensure our only impact on the world is a positive one.